Many of us spend more than 3 hours a day surfing different social media websites and applications, and commenting on its contents, including articles, pictures, videos, thoughts and personal cases, or even products and promotional publications that targets them as an individual.

Social Media Marketing Agency, Social Media Marketing

According to recent international studies, traditional marketing methods are on the edge of extinction, which means the only way of marketing will be online, for many reasons including :

  • The ability to reach international markets and spread faster.

  • Offering products and services according to the customers’ demands

  • Lowering the costs and flexible pricing

  • Developing new forms and channels for distributing

  • Using interactive promoting methods with the clients

  • Supporting and activating customer relationships management

  • Accomplishing a competitive feature and a strategical location in the market

Build Your Audience • Social Posting • Social Advertising


Strategy Plan Creation

Page Design

Social Page Sharing

Page Management

Page Monitoring

Post Design & Sharing

Target Building

Campaign Creation

Why Us?

Full Service

We deliver everything within it – with specialized teams that deliver content production, management, paid social and influencer management.

Born Social

We’ve been helping brands navigate social, combining leading research with technical know-how to deliver social-first strategies and campaigns.


We, Comedia, always focus on what business value social can add – not hiding behind likes, comments, and shares – and build a bespoke strategy to deliver it.


We deliver commercially effective social media and pride ourselves in being able to adapt our knowledge of social to whatever your business challenge is.

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